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February 3, 2009:

Fire Explorer Car wash Saturday, February 7, 2009 to benefit Fire Explorer post 820 & The American Cancer Society. Car wash will be held at CCFR Station 3, 201 N Summit St, Crescent City, Florida. PLEASE come out and show your support, and get that top soil knocked of your car also!!!!


January 6, 2009:

Fire Explorer first meeting held. See Exploror link for more details and photos.


September 28, 2008:

Assets page now up! Follow the Assets link above.


September 25, 2008:

New photo galleries added to the photo section!! Have a look at the "Photos" link above!


September 17, 2008:

  STRUCTURE            FIRE          

1001 Citron Ave.

Crescent City



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Our Mission: To provide excellence in patient care, rescue, fire prevention and suppression. This shall be accomplished through innovation, teamwork, related educational programs and a commitment to our community.

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Crescent City Fire Rescue is a small combination department. Our primary service area is 32 square miles. We normally have one person on duty at the station Monday through Friday from 9:00AM to 5:00PM. We are a chartered department of the City of Crescent City. Even though we have some paid personnel we still rely on volunteers.

We run a wide assortment of calls ranging from medical response to structure fires. Our average call volume is about 1,000 calls per year. We run primary extrication for 3 fire districts. We run a little over 100 calls per year providing mutual aid to other fire departments including some to Volusia County. 

Our personnel have a varying degree of training and experience. Some do medical only and some do fire and medical. At fires the medical only personnel perform rehab duties. Remember – Everyone started out from scratch. Some started out as volunteers and are now employed with fire/rescue agencies in other counties but still live and volunteer here. It takes everyone working together to get the job done. We are proud of the level of service that we provide for our community.
Firefighting has endless opportunities. There are many job choices within the job itself. If you like the exciting life of racing to a call to help an injured person, going into a burning house or a little more relaxed position of keeping the department organized there is a position for you. The options are endless. The choices are yours to make, from Secretary all the way to the Chief’s position.

The fire department has a rank structure like the military. There are lowest rank, Firefighters, they have all the fun, from cutting up cars to putting out fires. Engineers drive the trucks and ambulances and learn how to operate the pumps and specialized equipment required for the fire service. The Lieutenants are the first of the Officers, who are in charge of a group or station. Captains are the next in line. They oversee the stations. A Line or Battalion Chief is next and are in charge of a district or entire shift or platoons. The top dog is the Chief. He is a public figure who is the go between for the city officials and the fire administration. The fire administration typically consists of secretaries, support staff, and Chiefs of various ranks.

The pay scale for these positions are from the mid $20,000’s to well in excess of $100,000’s depending on location, job, education, size of department, ect…

Training is the largest obstacle for most people.


Training for the line jobs like firefighters, requires fire, medical and many other types of specialized training. This also requires a certain level of physical fitness. The basic training level for the volunteer fire department is First Responder (the medical side) and Fire Fighter One-160 hour course (the fire side). Most entry level training can be obtained within one year! The offline jobs or administrative level positions have different requirements and are not always physical in nature. 

In order to continue in the business, and become paid full time, further training is necessary. Any information can be obtained from your nearest fire department. The training you will receive is very broad and is only limited by your imagination. Many volunteer departments like Crescent City Fire Rescue are looking for people to join and learn the art of helping the community. You can contact us by calling 386-698-1212 or by e-mail at We are located at 201 N. Summit St. Crescent City Fl,32112.